Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magnificent Moss

Kate Moss pictured via Pinterest.
How gorgeous are the gown and the setting?


  1. OBSESSED with Kate Moss - forever and always! She looks like a mermaid in this picture! :)

  2. Lovely ... I am wondering how they GOT her out there and onto the rock!

  3. LOVE IT!!! <3

  4. I agree that both the gown Kate moss is wearing and the setting are gorgeous, but there was an incongruity about the combination that sent my brain into overdrive. Sitting on coarse surfaced rock in such a delicate looking and dry gown that appears to be bairly trailing into the water seems just a little off. I looked at it as a scene with possible story-lines or meanings. How had she gotten on that rock in that gown? The water looked too shallow for a cruise ship. Had she been at a fancy party or on a launch headed for a luxury yacht and been thrown off or stranded by some rich but inconsiderate and callous date after a disagreement? Or was it just a simple photoshoot where she was lowered by helicopter and the gown touching the water was accidental? Did she have to climb on it at all? Did she swim to it in a bathing suit holding the gown aloft in a waterproof bag, climb the rock, put the gown on, and is waiting for Prince Charming to pick her up? Why do I overanalyze these things?