Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beauty Week: Streekers

Darlings, have you tried Streekers yet?
If you want brightly colored dip-dyed ends, grab a Streeker in your preferred color and saturate the tips with the sponge applicator.  Use an index card to ensure that color is evenly distributed and so it stays off your fingertips.  Allow the product to dry and then lightly brush through it so it looks soft and touchable.  
This look is huge with celebrities!
Another fun idea: If you want a pop of pink, blue, purple, etc.: Grab a small section of hair and drench it in your desired color.  Wait for it to dry and then braid that piece with two others for a fresh look that is on trend but not overdone.
CC has both the purple and the pink Streekers and absolutely loves these shades and the fabulous effect on CC's blonde hair!  
Just be aware that it may take 2 or 3 washings for the color to come out completely.
Also, Streekers works best on blonde or light brown hair.
So fun for a night on the town!
Do you ever color your hair with bold bright shades such as these?
How do you feel about the uber-popular dip-dye?
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  1. Ooh, Streekers sound awesome! I want the pink!! :)

  2. I found out the hard way that over 70 year old white/blonde hair isn't the best base for wild temporary color! I actually stained mine. Had to go extreme (Prell) to remove it.