Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glamorous Gowns

Celebs at the 2012 Emmy Awards, via

Which gown do you find most gorgeous?
CC is partial to January Jones'!


  1. I'm thinking of doing a post on this actually. My favourites are the orange dress and the last two. Wow so amazing.

  2. I like the chiffon dress in the third photo. My vote for best dressed would have to go to @Sofia Vergara in her green mermaid gown because she's such a good sport. When she had a wardrobe malfunction and the gown split at the seam in the back 20 minutes before her appearance she photographed and tweeted it. She was a great sport in the YouTube video "Ellen and Sofia Vergara Are CoverGirls!" too.

    Separately from bet dressed, I love the princess gown Zooey Deschanel is wearing in the last photo (I'd probably want that one myself), so I'd vote for that gown as most gorgeous.

  3. Wonderful designs :)