Friday, January 4, 2013

Brilliant Ideas!

Darlings, CC is smitten with these brilliant ideas for parties, travel, and home decor!
Champagne minis on ice with a straw for your next cocktail party! 
CupCase to store your bras when you travel; visit 
DIY glitter your heels to disguise wear and tear.

For your gift wrapping station :) 
Have a s'mores party by toasting marshmallows over Sterno.

Hollow out the center of your picnic table for drink storage.

Perfect for posh picnics! 
Pour prosecco over fruit pops!

Such a good call :)

Use buttons to keep pairs of earrings together for storage and travel.

Use two shower curtains instead of one for a more luxurious feel.
What do you think of these brilliant ideas, darlings?
Do you have any gems to share with CC?
P.S.  Photos via Pinterest except where noted.


  1. Wow, really love the idea with the high heels <3


  2. Genius. I love the mini champagnes on ice, the assembly line fondu idea and the two shower curtains idea especially! Thank you for the share gorgeous girl. <3