Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Costumes Ideas 2013

Darlings, with Halloween just a month a way, it is time to start planning a cool costume!  Whether you're going sexy or demure, there are so many amazing options out there...  CC hope you enjoy these Halloween costume ideas and that you take advantage of all the spectacular Rio Coupon codes linked in this post!
CC is super smitten with this sexy sailor costume...  The dress is adorable and alluring at once, and the cuffs are such a cute touch, don't you think?  You can find this and many other fabulous costumes at online superstore  And CC has some phenomenal news, darlings!  You can use this Costume Craze Coupon Code 2013 to get amazing discounts on your haute Halloween costume, including up to 60% off your entire order and/or free shipping!

The 20's flapper is always a classic and chic Halloween look.  If you are super-creative, you can try to DIY this look with a fringed dress, a headband, some pearls, and a pair of black pumps, but instead, CC highly recommends purchasing a fun and fabulous flapper costume online using this Halloween Costumes Coupon Code 2013.  Save yourself the hassle of last minute details and save thirty percent or more on your entire order!  Plus, receive free shipping on a cool costume!
Some of CC's Fellow Fashionistas may want to show a bit less skin this Halloween, and the princess costume is a lovely and demure way to go!  Be sure to utilize this valuable BuyCostumes Coupon Code 2013 on your order so you can save big bucks this Halloween!
Tell CC, darlings, what has been your all-time favorite Halloween costume?  When CC was in law school, three of her gal pals joined her in dressing up as The Pink Ladies from Grease ~ so fun, and a huge hit at the UConn Law School annual Halloween bash!
Happy shopping, darlings!


  1. I LOVE the Sailor and Belle costumes - so cute! :)

  2. That's an adorable sexy sailor costume. I love the short sleeves, the design of the hem and the double blue striped trim. I can just imagine you at a Halloween party on a yacht in it. I think I'd like wearing the flapper dress but without the cigarette holder or feather. I'd have to learn some roaring 20's dances like the "Black Bottom" as doing only a cha-cha all night would be odd. I liked the 40's dances in the movie "Blast From The Past". That yellow princess costume is pretty too.