Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sexy Scarlet

Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Designer Loredana Novotni. Here are her own words about the concept behind her collection:
The essence of my My degree collection- SacRED comes from pre-Columbian art but technical concept is in tune with contemporary art (assemblies, design and execution illustrates merging popular traditions and avant-garde renewals). " The Primitive" is identified largely with the complex of myths and pre-Columbian art ornaments. My mini-collection is handmaded by myself. I used natural materials : leather, cotton and silk. Materials processing was entirely manual.The decor is arranged to emphasize the tailoring guidelines and with it most of the human body lines. By crocheting I obtained an area with a loop texture. Decorated fields are located both in the upper and the lower part of product. Abstract ornaments resulting from styling by reduction of the original meaning of surrounding realistic elements.
The fact that most ancient magic and religious symbols are found in present ornamentation of most peoples, determined me to create reminiscent forms of abstract plastic of Neolithic civilizations.
From knowledge of the ancient art as the encounter with contemporary art which turns out to folk, primitive, archaic and for spiritual, has resulted products marked by spirituality, unity and modern and archaic dualism.
My works are oriented towards primitive origins of human beings and fall into an artistic tradition with archaic origin, whose main function is to express the sacred presence. High and filiform figures refer to the idea of space and raising. I shaped the silhouette with the temptation to complete all by a continuous but limited line in space, chasing figures, focusing them on vertical, establishing an analogy between the carnal and the spiritual world.
My works evoke relationship sky-earth, matter-spirit, body and soul. Red colour has a fundamental role in my work because is the colour of fire and blood, love and life, hope and sacrifice. Passionate red, sun and blood always symbolized primary principles. Blood has a deeper significance as an element of communication between generations, individuals, species, is a kind of chemical element with infinite meanings, which defeats the time. Blood is the symbol of terrestrial life, expresses the seriousness of an inner situation. It's a fleshy, earthly color, being a way to emotional exploration. It is believed that the soul, human and animal power is in their blood. From this belief derived all bloody sacrificial rites, when supreme gods or those who patronized life and plant growth they where killed humans or animals. So, blood becomes a symbol of immortality.
This return to origins led to the retrieval of the sacred essence of natural things, which enables man to approach the absolute.