Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Uncle Karl

Iconic as ever, darlings!

Karl plexiglass key fob, at
CC adores!


  1. That is so funky!

  2. I apologize for leaving a negative comment but feel it must be said. This is my opinion only. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge and belief, Karl Lagerfeld callously disregards the promotion of eating disorders in his idealization of the anorexic look. He has steadfastly, I believe, opposed minimum body mass index requirements for models. Additionally I'm not impressed with his taste inn fashion or his designs. I thought his comments with respect to First Lady Michelle Obama's bangs (which I adore) were rude and showed bad taste. Simply put, I dislike the man. You know I love to be complimentary and generally avoid commenting unless I like or love a look or the subject. My apologies again for leaving a negative comment.