Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sweet Skirts

Darlings, how spectacular are these skirts from Andrew Gn's Spring 2013 collection?
Photos via nymag.com.

Which skirt are you smitten with?
CC loves the glittery gold one!


  1. The prints on these skirts are mesmerizing! I think a lot of people, myself included, would have trouble trying not to stare, or at least make the staring not so obvious. Every and every single one of the blouses and skirts in these outfits is absolutely stunning!

    The materials, prints and embroidery used in this couture are fabulous! I noticed that one of the skirt designs (a satiny metallic look with a black embroidered pattern near the hem) is shown in four different colours in the second (red), ninth (green), eleventh (black, and twelfth (blue) photos. Sometimes the pairing can make or break the outfit.

    I love the colour and look of the metallic fuchsia skirt with embroidered designs of the same colour in the tenth photo but unfortunately it clashes badly with the brick-orange colour of the pretty blouse it was paired with. Both the blouse and the skirt would look gorgeous paired with something else, but not with each other. It would look great paired with the blue blouse in the photo immediately above it.

    The satiny metallic red skirt in the second photo looks amazing paired with the cornsilk yellow blouse. The black embroidery on the front, the black collar and sheer black cuffs of the yellow blouse combined with the black belt make this outfit a standout.

    The print on the skirt in the fifth photo is gorgeous and mesmerizing! It must be amazing watching the movement of pattern when the skirt is in motion. I wonder if there are prints like that available on light pleated skirts? The fascinating turtleneck the skirt was paired with is interesting. I can imagine that top working with a lot of different outfits.

    The skirt in the seventh photo which has the appearance of being made with tiered layers of real golden flowers is my favourite and is beautifully paired with the exquisite black and sheer paneled blouse having gold embroidery and wide airy sleeves.