Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Marvelous Men's Grooming Tips

Darlings, to keep that special guy in your life looking more George Clooney than grizzly bear, share these easy-to-follow grooming rules:

Rule #1: Use a hot towel to open the pores before shaving and a cold towel after. This will help prevent redness and nicks.

Rule #2: Even though he may not have hair, it is still essential to wash that area of his head with the proper cleanser.

Rule #3: Exfoliate once a week to prevent ingrown facial hair. 

Here is a selection of grooming products from GO 24•7 Men to fill his dopp kit or medicine cabinet:
Shaving Cream, $15.95
Face & Bald Cleanser, $17.95
Moisturizer, $18.95
Face Scrub, $19.15

Here's hoping your guy gets gorgeous with these products, darlings!

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